My father was a professional photographer (WWII US Army trained). His darkrooms and studios were playgrounds of magic as he mentored me in his trade (Jackson Heights and Valley Stream, NY). The School of Visual Arts (NYC) provided my formal education.

I am a Street-Shooting-Purist because my images are not staged nor studio lit. No do-overs. A glimpse, an unexplained connection, an almost involuntary  action to focus my camera and click. A need to extend the moment for further contemplation.

Having been widowed twice, at 25 and 34 years old, my passion and involvement with photography took a back burner while my healing and regrouping led me on a path to the Deaf Community and the field of education.

A dozen years ago, I realized that I didn’t need darkroom access to dive back into photography. I bought a high-end Epson printer, Photoshop software, and a Canon DSLR. (Now I’m OMD mirror-less)

My favorite “haunts” are the Pasadena Rose Bowl Swap Meet and  the  local L.A. Farmers’ Markets.


        School of Visual Arts: Photography

        El Camino College: A.A.- American Sign Language Interpreter

        California State University: B.A.- Deaf Studies/Linguistics

                                                               M.A.- Curriculum Development

     Credentials and Careers-

        Freelance Photographer

        Elementary Arts Teacher

        Arts Program Supervisor

        Technology Coordinator/Teacher  K-6

        ASL Interpreter

        Language Development Specialist